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  What to Expect   

Our process is embedded in transparency, education and empowerment.
While each client is unique, below is a glimpse of the general flow. 

  • Deliver recommendation for an ongoing plan

  • Set up accounts (if needed) 

  • Address 401k/retirement account contributions

  • Next steps based on need

Meeting 4: Recommendation / Implementation Plan
(60 minutes)
  • Review overall financial picture

  • Review any documents and/or prior information

  • Set expectations on client/advisor engagement

  • Set expectations for the next 12 months on modules

  • Gather client profile information

Meeting 2: Onboarding &
Data Gathering

(60 minutes)
  • We will discuss your goals and concerns to see if we're the right fit.

  • What you're looking for in a financial planner and how we can work together

(30 minutes)

  • Trust & Living Will

  • Guardianship (if applicable)

  • Power of Attorney

  • Advanced Healthcare Directive

Meeting 6: Estate Planning
(60 minutes)
  • Review current insurance policies

  • Coverage analysis

Meeting 5: Risk Management
(45 minutes)
  • College Savings

  • Home Purchase

  • Equity Compensation

  • Tax Analysis

Meeting 7: Other Topics, If Applicable
  • Cash flow/ budgeting

  • Net worth Review

  • Align goals

  • Investment experience

Meeting 3: Cash Flow /
Debt Discussion

(60 minutes)
  • Deeper dive on current financial/ life situation

  • Address immediate concerns

  • Discuss short/long term goals 

  • Determine engagement

  • Setup payment method

Meeting 1: Discovery

(60 minutes)

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