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We offer white glove comprehensive financial planning and implementation for busy professionals on an annual and ongoing basis.

Financial Independence Planning

What does your ideal life look like?  

How much do you need to achieve that ideal life?


How can we get you to a place of working because you want to, not because you have to?

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Investment Advice

Should you be investing now, in what assets, and how much?

Does your investment strategy match your goals, how much time do you have and how much risk can you handle? 

Should you be investing in real estate, what kind, and how to evaluate a property?

Cash / Debt Management

How much are you spending and saving? 


Are you spending less than you earn and able to set money aside for your goals?

How can you shift around your expenses so you can fund the things that matter most?

How quickly can you become debt-free?

Which debts do you need to pay off, refinance, or de-prioritize?

Credit Card
Accounting Documents
Tax Guidance

What can we do to maximize your resources and save your hard earned dollars?

How can you keep more of what you earn and minimize unnecessary taxes?

What other tax saving strategies are you not taking advantage of? 

Risk Management

Are you and your assets adequately protected against negative events?

What kind of protection would you like to have?

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Estate Planning

If anything happened to you, how would your loved ones be affected?

Do you have a plan for when you are unable to make decisions for yourself or loved ones?

How do you prevent your loved ones from inheriting a financial mess while grieving?

Do you have a plan for your digital footprint and online assets?

Flat Fee Model

Initial Assessment Fee: $2,250 

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Implementation Annual Fee: $9,600 

Total Annual Fee is $9,600 that is payable monthly ($800) or quarterly ($2,400) via ACH, credit card or investment account

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